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Digital transformation – preparing your business for what’s ahead

Posted: 15 January 2021
Modernizing a corporate travel program

Business travel is essential to relationship building and delivers a high return on investment for companies. 

“If you get it right, and you figure out the right amount of travel to bring back in the right ways with the right people for the right occasions, there is something to be gained,” Clayton Nelson, vice president of strategy for Expedia Business Services, said.

Corporate travel also helps ensure ongoing success and business recovery, which is why organizations are including it in their digital transformation strategies. This webinar helps CFOs understand what’s driving digital transformation and what steps to take to transform their travel programme. 

Senior finance leaders will also learn what to look for in a travel management company (TMC). 

“The great partners will be the ones that emphasize a new meaning of duty of care,” Nelson said. Your TMC should help you support travellers’ wellbeing, provide you with relevant information, and keep your global team connected in a seamless, integrated fashion.” 

After you find a TMC, what’s the best way to get the most out of your partnership? 

“Push them hard, especially right now. A lot of the advancements that Egencia has made has been based off of customer feedback. Provide feedback based on your personal requirements and work with your travel management company to get there.” 

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Business travel as a strategic growth tool
  • Actionable insights to apply to your business, including a framework for a successful transformation
  • Examples of how digitally transforming your travel programme can help with ROI, predictability, and duty of care


Clayton Nelson, vice president of strategy, Expedia Business Services

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